Wedding #Hashtag

We often see beautiful wedding photography connected to our social media accounts and what a lot of them have in common are an event hashtag.

What is an event hashtag you ask? Well, it’s a way of making any word or group of words searchable on social media. This allows you to organise and track topics based on keywords. So if you wanted to post about wedding dresses you would include #weddingdresses in your social media posts to join the conversation. Click on the hashtag to see all the posts that relate to the subject in real time.

Equally for your wedding day, you can ask all of your guests to post any images on or about your special day using the hashtag you create. This includes people who are involved in the run up and preparations or people that can’t make it to the event itself but would love to take part. This way you can include people in the event and make them feel part of your celebration. It also acts as an online photo album for future memories.

Naming your hashtag

Well it’s pretty simple- you can use both of your manes and the date to create the hashtag, but make sure to test before hand to see that this isn’t already used. So #KateandSean2017 could be your hashtag. Or use this free online wedding hashtag generator to aid you.

Equally you can use your middle names, last names or nicknames. The only things that aren’t allowed are spaces so if you want to differentiate words use a capital letter as this will pick up the same way as for lower case letters.

Pun it up!

Well if you have a sense of humour, now is the time to use it- weddings are indeed a celebration of your love, so why make it a serious affair?
Some hilarious examples are:


The #WeStillComing hashtag came into use after an accident invite sent to the wrong number, didn’t stop the recipients for the RSVP from turning up on the day for the celebration. The hashtag trended on twitter and turned into a hilarious wedding hashtag!

Tell your Guests!

Make sure that your guests are aware of the hashtag- as otherwise, they won’t be able to share with you in your celebration. A message in your drinks reception tables or near your seating plan will be useful for the venue, but what about the photos before the event- so send it out with the wedding invites- so that your guests can be involved in the run-up.

Remember to include it in all of your own posts to create momentum.

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