Wedding Favours

Why not give back on your big day with charity wedding favours? If you want to stay away from novelty ideas, charity wedding favours could be the perfect solution for you. We would definitely recommend this lovely idea as it means less stress and it makes you feel that bit better because you know that your money is well spent. With many charities in Ireland offering this service, you can choose the charity that you relate to the most.

Most of the charities work in the same way and it is so easy! All you have to do is donate your own amount of money to a chosen charity and this will buy you a certain amount of cards (eg. with the Irish Cancer Society it is €40 for a pack of 10). The cards are then placed on each of tables at your reception (we recommend 3 or 4 cards per table) with details of the charity.

Along with the Irish Cancer Society, there are many other well-known Irish charities offering this wedding favour service. These include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Jack and Jill Children Foundation, Barnardos, the Irish Heart Foundation (scrolls also available), the ISPCA, the Irish Hospice Foundation, the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and many more.


Couples can also customise their own cards and opt to support a local charity. Donate to your community or a charity you may be passionate about. There are a lot of printing services that can print and design your cards for you in Dublin city centre such as Reads, Print Save and Harcourt Printing. Or alternatively, you can save yourself the journey and get your cards printed online. Vista Print, Optimal Print and Uni Print all provide this service, and can get your cards delivered to you in just a couple of days.

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