Ultimate Groomsmen Checklist List

Jobs for the boys? On the run up to the big day and on the days itself, here is a run down of things your groomsmen can do to ensure the groom looks like he knows what he’s doing!
Make the groom’s day more stress free, with a set of tasks to help the happy couple out!

There are the few obvious ones:

  • Plan the stag do
  • Attend all pre-wedding and post wedding functions
  • Take tons and tons of wedding photos!
  • Pay for your wedding suit
  • Help calm the grooms nerves on the morning of the wedding
  • Mind all the wedding cards and any gifts on the day
  • Usher guests to seats before wedding ceremony
  • Dance with bridesmaid at the traditional opening dance
  • Buy the groom an amazing memorable gift!

Things that you might not have realised that Groomsmen do:

  • Organise all the transport to and from the wedding
  • Bring any additional decorations to the wedding venue
  • Know the venue well, so that you can answer any questions
  • Ensure all guests have transport to the wedding venue
  • Give the venue and the celebrant there payment/tips
  • Return the grooms rental suit (if it’s a rental)
  • Obtain very large umbrellas for any unforeseen weather
  • Obtain a list from the groom of family members that need personal escorts to their seats, or have any special requirements
  • Help with car parking

Perks of the job: Free food and Drink!
Down side:  Answering all questions that the extended family do not wish to ask the happy couple- brush up on your knowledge of the wedding venue and ceremony!

Thomas Prior Hall

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