Is it rude to ask your friends to help pay for the wedding?

Like many Irish people living abroad, when it comes to organising a wedding back in Ireland, it can be a difficult process to organise your wedding party while living away from home. Relying on friends and family to organise and oversee booking a wedding reception venue and suppliers for the wedding party can be a difficult task. You may not want to force all the responsibility onto your family or close friends, but it can be difficult to manage planning, especially if you are living on a different time zone.

What is reasonable to expect from someone in this situation? You don’t want to ask more than the person feels comfortable with and you also don’t want to put the responsibility of the success of your wedding day on the shoulders of another. The alternative to your dream wedding at home in Ireland is to have your wedding in the country you now reside in. Is it reasonable to ask your friends and family to give up their holiday time to go to your wedding abroad? You must think of the people you would like to attend your wedding; do you have elderly relatives that may be unable to travel? Would you be able to celebrate the day without them?

Should you ask your friends to pay if they are not in the wedding party? Would you be happy to give up your holiday in Ibiza for a wedding? Well, if the answer is no, then it might be something to reconsider. Will your family be able to afford staying in a hotel for the stay, or do they expect for you to have them stay in your home? So the question is, is it rude to ask for your friends to pay for the wedding? It depends on the situation. If you are asking them to travel over from abroad, spend a lot on plane tickets, is it very cheeky to ask them to spend a lot on accommodation? Perhaps, but if your home will not accommodate them, then this will have to be the case.

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