Bridesmaid Dresses

The word bridesmaid often brings to mind the duality of equal pleasure and dread. Pleasure in the honour of being asked and dread with the implications of the dreaded bridesmaid dress. But the dress doesn’t have to be the nightmare that is always associated with. We came across these fabulous dresses by Eliza & Ethan- multi-wrap dresses that can be worn in over 20 styles and come in a variety of colours!

Imagine the possibilities of all the styles- whether your bridesmaids are tall or petite, athletic or curvy, you have tonnes of styles to choose from! With over 24 colours, you can customize your bridesmaids dresses to match your wedding theme. Our friends at Alila, an exclusive online fashion boutique, are the exclusive online retailer of stock of Eliza & Ethan. Alila also open by appointment- so that you can try before you buy.

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