7 Fabulous Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Find a ring under the Christmas tree? Now that you have the ring on your finger, it’s time to tell everyone your exciting news! But how to go about this? We’re counting down 10 fabulous ways to spread the word! From selfies to save the date, we have you covered.

Face to Face

It may sound old fashioned, but even if you want to veer away from tradition, it’s important to tell your parents first and in person. Not only is this respectful, but it allows you to start off on the right foot. If your partner has children, they should be the first to hear the news, then move to immediate family- siblings and grandparents, and then closest friends.

By Phone

The most personal and immediate way to tell the rest of your friends and family is by telephone, but it may be impractical to call everyone. To determine who to call, think of who would be hurt if they didn’t receive a phone call.

Snail Mail

The bride’s mother would traditionally send out the save the date notes to friends and family, to notify for friends and family of her daughter’s engagement. This can serve as a way of announcing the engagement and informing the person of the wedding date. So this may only be an option if you have the date booked.


The quick way to inform people, without the expense of positing out save the dates, is through email. Keep in mind that some people may prefer to hear the news over the phone or in person. As some people may be offended not to be on your ‘call’ list.

Engagement Party

Some people like to surprise everyone in a group setting, keeping the reason for the part a secret, you can announce your engagement during a toast. Others prefer to send invites stating that it’s an engagement party. If doing an engagement party, remember that guests invited to this will expect a wedding invitation.


Although it may seem like a tradition form a bygone era, newspapers like The Irish Times have a wedding announcement section. They require information on the dates, so it’s best to contact them by phone and check the guidelines on the content of the announcement as soon as possible.

On Social Media

Times they are a-changing, the ‘ring-selfie’ has become the popular method of communicating good news. Before you hit Share, double check that you have notified everyone in person that deserves a more formal approach. Even if you can assume your granny isn’t on Snap Chat, someone will tell her, before you get to. If you are going down this route, here are our favourite photo sharing ways of making the announcement:

announce your engagement with your fur baby
With your Fur baby

announce your engagement with your bestie
With your Besties

announce your engagement
With a Bottle of bubbly

announce your engagement with a sweet sign
With a sweet sign

announce your engagement with a ring selfie
With a ring selfie

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