Wedding Tech

So you’re busy planning your wedding, but you don’t know where to start? The wedding team at Thomas Prior Hall have a few helpful solutions that will give you a helping hand.

So you’ve asked the question or been asked the question and the answer was “I do”, there will be many more questions that need answers… Do you want an intimate wedding, or a large one? Where will you have the wedding ceremony? Will you have a civil ceremony? Who will be the best man? There will be a never-ending to-do list, and as luck will have it many events will happen in your life or work that may get in the way of planning your special day. But instead of becoming overwhelmed, why not get an app to help you along the way. We have a list of our top picks to aid you on your journey to “I do”:

Appy Couple
So you could set up a group What’s App, but why do that when you can set up your own unique wedding online platform that allows you to share all your wedding plans and memories with your close circle of guests, family and friends. Appy Couple allows you to locate all your guest’s wedding pictures in one location, on the wedding day and before. You can also share things like the location and maps to the venues, if you are having a traditional Church wedding and then going to another venue, you can load the direction and maps on the app for your guests to use. It also ensures that no one loses their invitations or directions, as you can send this through the app. Give your guests options of where to stay and places to eat and visit if they are staying for a few days. You can private message wedding updates, then take part in an online community of brides and grooms planning, share your story and get inspiration for your wedding. You can co-ordinate your wedding theme with the app layout, as there are many designs to choose from. The app is password protected and invitation only, allows from 20 guests to 2000 for free download. Appy Couple is available here.

We love Pinterest, we are sure its not new to you but if you have fallen into the abyss of the never ending delights of images that can be browsed thematically, then allow us to show what we think is the greatest wedding tool invented. Join our over 500 followers – check out or Pinterest Board

Why get a wedding song app, when you can use Spotify? It’s a simple and easy way of creating a playlist with music that you wish to listen to on your special day. Simple and effective.

Wedding Budget
Whether your budget is €1,000 or €100,000, a budget is needed to track the costs. Keeping a budget is one of the greatest challenges, so the Wedding Budget app will be an ideal tool in wedding planning. It allows you to set up a budget, track expenses and shows the variance in different areas. You can then easily adjust each wedding elements as the planning goes along.

Wedding Happy
We love the Wedding Happy app as it is the best organizational tool, whether you are the type of person who thinks and plans things in advance or completely the opposite, this tool allows you to foresee issues and how many tasks you have done and have yet to do. It will tell you when to start researching certain areas and the it will tell you when you ideally need to book suppliers or venues, for example it will give you a reminder that your need to book your wedding photographer or send out your invitations. Which saves you’re the bother of having to remember to do it all! View more details here.

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