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We’ve taken a look at Pantones colour predictions for 2018 in order to best predict the colours that will be trending for 2018 weddings. The selection of eight groups are interestingly titled; Verdure, Resourceful, Playful, Discretion, Far-Fetched, Intricacy, Tech-nique.

Based on vegetable-inspired colours- like celery and foliage combined with berry colours, such as purple and eggshell blue. ‘Symbolic of Health’ the colours bring to mind nature. Bridal inspiration:
Great for whimsical brides who love nature’s bounty and wish for this to be reflected in their theme.

Playing on the need for quirky out of the ordinary, the bright colour palette is light hearted- think yellows, lime and green. Bridal inspiration: For the quirky bride that wants to stand out and be remembered for bold and daring choices.

Subtle colour but elegant. Think cold tones like elderberry, Hawthorne rose and burnished lilac- the exact opposite to playful. Bridal inspiration: Perfect for the romantic bride who likes nostalgic, rosy hues.

Combining both warm and cool colours, this palette draws the eye as it allows the contrasting hues to come together to create a harmonious palette. Bridal inspiration: For the bride with a great understanding of colour theory- the artsy types who have an eye for design.

Warm and earthy tones such as Cornsilk Yellow, blending with rosy tones like Iced Coffee and Ruby Wine- a coming together of cultures. Bridal inspiration: Ideal for the travel-obsessed bride, those who have seen many cultures and would like this to reflect in their sense of style.

As the name suggested this pallette is bold and eclectic- mixing strong hues like plum, blue and blue green with fiery copper hues like Ember glow, Molten lava and bossa Nova. Bridal inspiration:
This palette would ideally suit Winter or Autumn wedding- the darker tones being much warmer in the darker winter months.

The ‘new neutral’ –metallics with hints of bold fresh colours- holly berry and yellow sulfur. Bridal inspiration: Trendy brides who wish to capture the ‘metallics’ hype.

A nod to the increasing importance of technology in our daily loves- think futuristic frosted pink, purple and turquoise. Balanced with white, these are hues that shine from within. Bridal inspiration: Perfect for the bride that likes clean cool contrasting hues, and not afraid to make a bold impact with colour.

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