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We’re never shy to talk about beautiful dresses, dressing the brides can take a large part of the panning prep, but what if there is no bride? With Ireland becoming such an open and diverse community, grooms and grooms are becoming more and more commonplace, so what is there to wear? The Wedding Team at Thomas Prior Hall have a few ideas that will get the hearts a flutter and ensure all eyes are on you! Or for those that wish to remain more traditional, we also have some contemporary twists to modern tailoring.

Pops of colour

Whether you have a strong sense of style or are more conservative; a bright pop of colour is a strong statement without overpowering your look. A brightly coloured boutonnière can add a spark of interest that will draw the eye. What about a bright playful pop of colour in your socks, if you are more conservative?

More adventurous? Sky blue and rich violets are a key Grooms wear Trends for Autumn Winter 2017.

Same suits?

Mathcy-matchy? Not ideal, unless this is something you have always wanted, The Wedding Team at Thomas Prior Hall love the idea of same style suits, same tailoring, but different hues. Or mixing up accessories, for example one of you have a tie and the other go for the dickie bow. Also wear your own style shoes and accessories, not just colours but think pattern. In marriage, you wish to share your lives together, not each other’s wardrobe, so be yourself and let your style shine out.

All that glitters

Isn’t gold? Metallic is madly popular, as are metallic for AW17, this may tie your wedding photography o an epoch, but that may be your intention. If you are keen to reflect the trends of contemporary fashion, then the metallic look may be for you, add a bit of Rose Gold for the 2017 vibe!

Love, Happiness and Pride

Remember your special day is about you sharing your commitment to one another, amongst your loved ones. This is the most important thing so don’t get hung up on small details, take time out to relish every moment and have time together to connect.

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