Bridal Shower Inspiration

Everybody loves a girls night out and what better excuse than celebrating your upcoming nuptials? The Wedding Team at Thomas Prior Hall have put together their list of ideas for celebrating and planning tips for your bridal party to help in organising. Our top Bridal Party ideas are: Cooking Class Shower What it is: Take a…

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Wedding #Hashtag

We often see beautiful wedding photography connected to our social media accounts and what a lot of them have in common are an event hashtag. What is an event hashtag you ask? Well, it’s a way of making any word or group of words searchable on social media. This allows you to organise and track…

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Looking back at the Same Sex Marriage Referendum

As the 2nd anniversary of the referendum on the legalization of same-sex marriage comes around, the wedding team at Thomas Prior Hall take a look at some of the most memorable moments from the ‘Yes’ campaign and the subsequent celebration after the Marriage Equality referendum was voted into law. The marriage referendum was held on…

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Wedding Tech

So you’re busy planning your wedding, but you don’t know where to start? The wedding team at Thomas Prior Hall have a few helpful solutions that will give you a helping hand. So you’ve asked the question or been asked the question and the answer was “I do”, there will be many more questions that need…

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Generation Lux

We’re never shy to talk about beautiful dresses, dressing the brides can take a large part of the panning prep, but what if there is no bride? With Ireland becoming such an open and diverse community, grooms and grooms are becoming more and more commonplace, so what is there to wear? The Wedding Team at…

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Wedding Beauty Trends for 2017

Wedding Beauty Trends 2017

Natural Hair Bohemian waves and tossed curls have been de rigour for many years now. For brides that want the casual and cool vibe but don’t want to spend hours in the stylist’s chair on your wedding day, a more natural look is often a less tedious style. Also if you want a less formal…

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Civil Ceremonies Information

Civil Ceremonies

Many couples are opting for a less traditional church wedding and are choosing instead to have a civil ceremony. If you want to get married on a Saturday or Sunday, but not in a church, the choices for a secular marriage becomes narrower. Registrars (HSE civil servants) can legally marry Irish couples in secular/non- religious…

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Wedding Etiquette Table Seating

Wedding Etiquette – Tables

What’s a top table? At the wedding reception, the top table is where the bride and groom sit. Depending on your preference, venue size and tables that the venue have, the set-up of the top table can vary. Usually, the bride and groom will like their parents to join them. It is usually distinguished from…

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Themed wedding welcome box idea

Wedding Trends – Welcome Boxes

Your closest family generally will stay very close to you during your wedding, be it that they choose to stay in the same hotel or a certain number of rooms may be included in your wedding package. Whether they are paying or you have decided to generously foot the bill, a guest welcome box would…

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