Civil Ceremony

As one of the best wedding venues in Ireland, Thomas Prior Hall has many options for couples interested in having their civil ceremony or blessing in a unique location in Dublin.

We are delighted to be hosting an in-house wedding showcase on Sunday 8th September from 1 pm – 4 pm and ​Sunday 10th November from 1 pm – 4 pm.

HSE Civil Ceremony:

Couples can have a full ceremony with a HSE representative in Thomas Prior Hall. The venue has been approved for this service type and can host up to 160 guests. Before you carry out your ceremony, please visit the Registrar of Marriages on Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2 for all of the information you will need for your big day. Please note that the Civil Ceremony must be arranged by the couple themselves. You will find more information on how to book your HSE representative for your civil ceremony  through the HSE website.

Blessings & non-denominational ceremony:

The Dublin Registry Office is located just a short distance from Thomas Prior Hall. For those who have chosen to legalise their marriage in the Registry Office, Thomas Prior Hall can provide the blessing location for a larger number of guests. You can avail of the venue itself or you can enjoy a blessing on the lawn (weather permitting). On the lawn, you will have the backdrop of a water feature, tall chestnut trees and the beautiful Ballsbridge landscape. A vintage bandstand is also available for smaller services. Please note that blessings/non-denominational services must be arranged by the couple themselves.

Solemniser Ceremony:

In Ireland there is a selection of authorised Solemnisers who can marry couples outdoors or in a location of their choice. Some Solemnisers include Tom Coulton and Pat Buckley. Thomas Prior Hall, with its beautifully historic building and magnificent gardens, can facilitate this type of wedding ceremony. To find out more about booking a Solemniser, please visit the Registrar of Marriages on Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2, or alternatively visit. Please note that it is the responsibility of the couple to arrange their service provider.

Interested in our unique wedding venue? Make an enquiry with our team, and if you would like to see it for yourself, please request a show around from a member of our wedding team.

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